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At Jetpack

We believe that creating digital experiences that are easy to use and customers love are the result of beautiful but simple design, intentional strategy, and a strong customer understanding. Our innovation-as-a-service goes beyond typical software development; we focus on understanding your brand’s unique challenges and solving your customers’ pain points in such a way that it delivers maximum value to your business. 

Whether you’re new to the digital world or looking to improve your current offerings, we can help you create amazing digital experiences that will delight your customers, expand your business' reach, and drive real revenue.

- Steven McKnight, 


Our Services

Strategic Design & Insights

To be successful in business, you not only need to understand your company’s needs/goals, but also those of your customers; what are the problems that are keeping them up at night? What are their wants or desires? By designing digital solutions that focus on where these two worlds meet, we’re able to create products that directly address your customer’s pain points - this breeds customer loyalty for your add and creates revenue/growth opportunities.

  • Strategy

  • Research

  • Design

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Experience

  • Branding & Brand Strategy

  • Digital Transformation

  • Business Design

Simple User-Focused Design

We listen to your end users, plain and simple. We learn not only what they want, but where they come from, what apps they love, and which designs will best reach them - this allows us to design custom solutions meant to maximize your customers' product engagement (and your revenue). Every design and step must be intentional - will this help you to drive virality, growth, user retention, and/or revenue? The answer will always be YES.

  • Product Research

  • Discovery Process

  • Customer Engagement Planning

  • User Workflows

  • Product Roadmapping

  • User Experience

  • Usability Testing

  • Feature Enhancement

Exceptional Code & Processes

This is where the rubber meets the road - a greatly designed product will only be successful if it is reliable and can SCALE. We have spent decades refining our processes to build clean, scalable code that any investor would be thrilled to see. Our North American team couples senior engineers with decades of experience and robust QA processes to ensure that your product is always delighting your customers and making you money.

  • Engineering

  • Testing & Development

  • Custom Software Development

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Applications

  • eCommerce Platforms

  • Support Maintenance

Our Expertise




Through research, workshops, and user workflows, we locate pain points in the customer journey that we can improve - this becomes the core of your product. By having a product that solves a key pain point for your customer, you’ll become indispensable to them.




Through collaboration with your team, we prioritize your product/development roadmap and define your product. We are able to focus on creating solutions that focus not only on the customer’s needs but your company’s - creating opportunities to not only engage customers but drive revenue.




We finalize the user experience/design and begin release software in 1-week agile sprints, ensuring frequent collaboration, feedback, and communication throughout. By building in small, iterative pieces, we’re able to fully test the code as we go - ensuring that each foundational piece of your application is stable and scalable.



launch your product

With our experience creating and launching digital products, we use data and user testing to constantly optimize and improve your product to maximize the value for you and your users. Product development doesn’t suddenly stop once the product is launched, we want to work on iterating to adjust to constantly changing customer wants/needs, to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Our battle-tested processes work with Venture Build Studios, Family Offices, Technology Accelerators, Emerging and fast-growing SaaS technology companies, and Investment Banks to accelerate, incubate, and scale their ventures.