We help our clients 
achieve incredible results

We focus on partnering growth-focused strategy with experienced development and intentional design to create products that drive adoption and generate revenue - fast.

Let's build together



Jetpack’s team has spent decades building amazing products in search of performance-driven growth. We partner with companies and entrepreneurs to not just build, but use strategy and our experience to help them scale and reach their growth/innovation goals.

Decades of startup/co-founder experience

Launched and worked with dozens of startups

Two unicorn ($1B+)  companies


Our Mission

To create innovative and
cutting-edge digital products
that delight our clients
and their end-users.

We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, exploring new ideas, and continuously improving our craft. Our team is driven by a passion for creativity, design, and development, and we strive to build products that are both functional and beautiful. We believe that every product we create has the potential to make a meaningful impact, and we are dedicated to leveraging technology to improve the world around us.

Our Values

Be Strategic

Think why you’re doing something and how it could impact others. Play chess while everyone else plays checkers.

Be Creative

Always think outside the box, find new and creative ways to solve problems.

Be Passionate

Love what you do and have that passion show through in your work.

Be Intentional

Everything you do can directly impact a project, a client, or a result. Be intentional.

Be Entrepreneurial

Take ownership of your ideas, your work, and your results. Take charge of your life.

Have fun!

Life’s too short to not stop and smell the roses sometimes.

Our Founders

Shawn Mayzes


Shawn is a passionate tech leader who has spent decades working at and founding startups in the Vancouver area, raising millions and mentoring up and coming developers. He’s an expert at building high-performing tech teams and rapidly bringing ideas to (digital) life in a scalable and cost-effective way.

In his free time, Shawn is a passionate Hockey enthusiast and former Deaf Olympian gold medalist, playing hockey 2-3X per week.

Steven McKnight


Steven is a product and marketing strategist who has spent more than 15 years as a product leader, with two unicorns and an IPO under his belt. He's a skilled communicator and a creative problem solver, always striving for quality, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation.

In his free time he loves to travel and spend time with his newlywed bride. Steven sucks at Hockey.

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