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Boutique Sales Consultancy

The Bullpen found themselves experiencing a classic Catch 22 - they’ve spent the past 8 years mentoring and teaching dozens of firms on how to best sell, but had a website that didn’t sell themselves! They came to us asking for help with branding, competitor research, and UX/UI/Website design. To help them build their sales funnel, our designers and product people worked with the founders to learn more about their offerings, their ideal customer, and what best represents their brand.


How to sell Sales?

Crafting a perfect brand is never easy

After learning about their product/offerings, their customers, and their brand vision/mission, we set about crafting a story for their brand that somehow met in the middle of all of these.

For their brand, they were clear on who they were - the founders of The Bullpen are competent, successful, and experts in their craft. With decades of individual experience and 8 years as The Bullpen, and dozens of successful customers willing to vouch for them, it was a no brainer. We chose to create a brand that was simple yet futuristic, touching on their firm’s experience working with tech companies. The website itself was to be simple and easy to read at-a-glance, yet could easily explain complex concepts and be expanded in the future with additional pages.

For their product offering, they know how to sell, how to create & scale an effective sales organization, and how to master a go-to-market strategy. When working through the content for the website, we had to break down not just what the product is, but who is their ideal customer, what are their expectations, wants, and/or needs, and how do these product offerings best serve that customer. From their, we’re able to craft a website design & message that will be most effective in reaching their audience.

For their ideal customer, we drew not only from what has worked in the past, but who their targets in the future would be. By looking at past successes and balancing against the needs of future customer targets, we were able to better hone in on the needs we need to address through their website’s design/content, crafting a funnel that effectively sends prospective leads their way.


Simple & Straightforward

The new Bullpen website is simpler to navigate, more straightforward with their core thesis, and easier for potential customers to contact them through. We delivered the project to them ahead of schedule and they’re already seeing a 30% increase in visitor conversions to potential leads. We also coordinated with government agencies for tax credit to ensure that their total return is maximized.

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