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The Blueprint

Emails ending up in spam

ToastMail’s founders were tired of seeing their emails go straight to the spam filter. Emails to staff, investors, and even customers would go unseen, leading to headaches and loss of reputation. By creating ToastMail, they decided to solve the problem of spam once and for all - simply and easily!

The Challenge

Building  ToastMail's Jetpack

During the research/scoping phase, Jetpack realized that there were two crucial issues to address: education and barriers to entry.

Education and barriers to entry seemed the most straightforward to tackle - build a simple, intuitive interface and clearly communicate the issue we’re trying to solve. But to get there, we had to discover how to best communicate complex topics, such as email warming, spam filtering, etc to a range of potential customers with varying backgrounds.

By mapping out the user flows and clearly defining the product scope, while continually cross-referencing flows with our user personas, we were able to come up with a user interface that embraces simplicity and ease of onboarding. We were also able to shape a user journey which gently educates them as to the “why” of email warming just as much as the “how”.

The Lessons

Painpoints & Solutions

Our first pain point was finding how to streamline the onboarding process. Setting up an email warming service can be a technical task for any user, and we discovered theirs were less tech-savvy than most.

By working with the founding team as well as talking directly with their potential customers, we were able to learn more about the pain points these customers were experiencing and how we can build ToastMail to exceed their expectations. With simple changes to our user interface we were able to drastically improve the retention rates of ToastMail, aiding in their ever-increasing growth.

The Results

The Takeoff

ToastMail has only been live since summer 2023, but is already seeing tremendous success. And with more and more hostility from Google and other email providers towards business emails, email warming is becoming more important than ever for these companies to be able to succeed. ToastMail has received innumerable reports of entire domains being shut down by Google, without any reason as to why.

With this current environment, ToastMail has reported seeing tremendous growth with MoM sales more than doubling. The ToastMail team is so excited by their success, they’re already speaking with Jetpack about what Version 2 could look like, and how they can change the email industry even more.

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