Building a services marketplace

Building a services marketplace


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The Story

Service Marketplace for Property Managers

Doyo’s founders approached us with a novel idea - They wanted to create a gig economy concierge service for AirBnBs, with the intent of elevating short-term rental stays to rival that of luxury hotels. They had an idea and needed partners with not just the know-how, but the experience to make this a reality. To bring this vision to life, our team of experienced developers and designers worked closely with the founders to create a user-friendly and intuitive platform. We kicked this process off by doing a deep dive into learning more about their customers, the pain points they wish to solve, and how this product would ultimately fit into the overall competitive landscape.

The Challenge

Building Doyo's Jetpack

During the market research phase Jetpack uncovered our first hurdle - while the product concept was sound, there were numerous issues related to acquiring and growing our target audience. Namely, that the target customer size (both for consumers and gig workers) would be too small for a concierge-only service. So Jetpack began researching overlapping verticals where this concept would make sense, and identified property management services as an ideal target - an underserved market where property managers could book services such as cleaning and maintenance for their properties on demand.

Now that we had a clear understanding of the needs of their target audience, we began to map out the user flows and product scope as well as design the user interface - all with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. We created a clean and modern design that would appeal to the target audience and convey the professionalism and reliability of the platform - and build trust with new users. Concurrently our design team worked on branding to come up with the logos, brand guidelines, and look/feel that the Doyo team wanted to convey.

Our development team then got to work creating the backend architecture of the app, which would allow for seamless communication between users and service providers. We integrated various APIs, including payment gateways, geolocation, communication, and even pay out systems, to create a fully functional platform. Our mobile and web app developers worked to create simple, quick, and scalable applications that would delight Doyo’s customers and create revenue.

Doyo Flowchart

The Lessons

Painpoints & Solutions 

Our first major hurdle was the product-market fit mentioned above - one that was uncovered during our market research phase, doing preliminary go-to-market strategy ideation. And by working with a founding team that was receptive to not only our findings but our recommendations for how best to move forward, we were able to refine both the product vision and their prospective go-to-market, marketing, sales, and customer retention strategies.

By working with the founding team to do deeper dives into areas that are typically outside the normal product development purview, we were able to uncover issues that may have otherwise remained hidden and evolve the overall company and product visions to be much more targeted. This more streamlined strategy and product will set the company up to reach it’s financial milestones more quickly, with less customer churn and higher MRR.

The Results

The Take Off 

And finally, the results. We delivered a project with an estimated $1.4MM in retail value for 60% cost to plan in terms of projections and efficiencies. We also contributed to the development of a business expansion plan - taking a business plan originally focused around a small target audience and found a way to expand its application to a much larger marketplace at scale. Concurrently we coordinated tax credit program management to ensure that investment of client’s capital can be effective.

Launching in 2023.

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