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The Story

Digital space,

Jet.GD wasn't just another project for Jetpack Labs; it was a challenge and a responsibility. In today's vast digital landscape, communication is instant, but also often cluttered.

Long, unwieldy links disrupt conversations and mar webpage aesthetics. Recognizing this, we envisioned Jet.GD - a tool to shorten URLs efficiently, securely, and with style.

Paste your link

No more tedious processes. Just drop your lengthy URL into our input box and we'll handle the rest.

Quick & Sleek

In a matter of seconds, you'll have a sleek, short URL that's ready to share anywhere and everywhere.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures ultra-fast conversions, letting you move at the speed of thought.

The Brand

Branding and
visual identity

More than just a functional tool, Jet.GD demanded a unique identity to resonate with its audience. Our vision for Jet.GD was simple: a perfect balance of speed, efficiency, and reliability, wrapped in playful, witty, and energetic branding that evoked nostalgia with an '80s space jam essence.

The result was a dynamic logo complemented by a vibrant retro neon color palette, ensuring Jet.GD stands out in the crowded digital arena.

Jet.GD icons presentation Jet.GD branding banner Jet.GD branding banner

The Challenge

Better than
just short

Reducing URL length was just the start. Our mission was to enhance this basic utility with robust security and actionable data insights.

Striking the right balance between simplicity for the user and a feature-packed backend, like custom aliasing and QR code generation, was our main challenge.

The Journey

the digital

To shape Jet.GD, understanding the digital user's pulse was paramount. The user interface was designed to be sleek and intuitive.

A powerful backend, capable of handling vast URL transformations every minute, reinforced our "Jet-Speed" promise.

Coupled with the promise of brand consistency through custom aliases, Jet.GD became an embodiment of speed and style.

Jet.GD phones mockup

The Impact

Taking the digital world by storm

Since its launch, Jet.GD has transformed digital communication for many.

Businesses maintain brand consistency, marketers benefit from advanced outreach analytics, and everyday users share links without the usual digital clutter.

Immediate positive feedback and increased user sign-ups indicated Jet.GD's influential role in digital communication.

Jet.GD laptop mockup

What's next?

The digital realm is ever-evolving, and so is Jet.GD. New features, integrations, and upgrades are on the horizon, making sure Jet.GD. remains the top choice for URL shortening and more.

In a world of endless digital interactions, Jet.GD promises not just efficiency but also flair, ensuring every shared link isn't just shorter but also unforgettable.

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Jet.GD laptop mockup
Jet.GD laptop mockup

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