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∙ Seamless Integration

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∙ Customization and Scalability

∙ Timely Reporting and Analytics

∙ Security and Data Privacy

Readying Boosters

Empowering  Chief Financial Officers

At Jetpack Labs, we understand the crucial role CFOs play in managing the financial health and growth of digital agencies. We offer strategic technology solutions that can empower CFOs to optimize financial operations, drive profitability, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Jet Fuel

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    As CFOs at digital agencies, you bear the responsibility of ensuring that every dollar spent on client projects is utilized efficiently and delivers maximum value. At Jetpack Labs, we share your commitment to financial stewardship and have developed a culture of fiscal responsibility within our organization. Drawing from our experience as startup founders, we understand the importance of project runways, accurate cost estimation, and delivering within budgetary constraints. Our expertise in resource allocation, financial prioritization, and risk mitigation ensures project success and client satisfaction. You can trust us to be diligent in ensuring that your financial resources are spent wisely.

    In short, we are also startup founders, past and present. We've been there when the runway is short and medium (it's very rarely long, right?). As partners we take pride in ensuring that your dollars are spent properly.

  • Compliance

    We recognize that as partners, you entrust us with safeguarding client data and ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and other data privacy laws. Data security and privacy are at the forefront of our priorities. We possess extensive experience working with these regulations and implementing robust measures to ensure compliance and protect our clients' sensitive information. With Jetpack Labs as your technology partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that data security and privacy are handled with the utmost care and diligence.

  • Risk Management

    At Jetpack Labs, our goal is to decrease risk for our partners while increasing revenue. Throughout our years of experience, we have cultivated a team that thinks about risk as an integral part of code, UX, and management. These risk-conscious individuals ensure that potential risks are identified and communicated effectively. Whether it's calling out code risks, legal risks or compliance risks associated with HIPAA (and others), our team is committed to proactively managing risks to protect your agency's interests.

  • Cost Control

    Jetpack Labs goes beyond being a run-of-the-mill product strategy agency. Our journey has taken us through launching bespoke apps, raising investment, exiting companies, closing companies and facing the challenging questions that CFOs like you often ask. We have learned valuable lessons from these experiences, including the importance of technical and product leadership, investing in quality, and aligning the product vision between all involved. We have refined our processes to prevent common missteps and ensure that your investments in technology yield the desired results. With Jetpack Labs, you can expect cost control strategies that prioritize value, clarity, and long-term success.

Our Process

  • Welcome Conversations

    Our journey with you begins with welcome conversations, where we take the time to get to know each other and understand your company's goals and capabilities. We believe in transparent communication and aligning our work with your strategic objectives.

  • Product Scoping + UI/UX

    We utilize a comprehensive approach that includes flow diagrams and the creation of lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity UX designs using industry-standard tools like Figma. This ensures that we capture all requirements, align our goals, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

    The product scoping phase is where we dive deep into understanding your vision, objectives, and target audience. We collaborate closely with your team, leveraging our expertise to map out the entire app's functionality and features. Our skilled team of analysts and developers work diligently to create flow diagrams that illustrate the app's user journey, interactions, and functionalities.

    s we progress, we transition from lo-fidelity to hi-fidelity UX designs using industry-standard tools like Figma. Hi-fidelity designs bring the app to life, incorporating visual elements, interactive features, and microinteractions. This stage enables you to visualize the final product, align your goals with our design choices, and make informed decisions.

    ou can expect meticulous attention to detail, a user-centric approach, and a commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences. Our product scoping and UX design processes lay the foundation for success

  • Software Development + QA

    Our tech processes are designed to ensure code quality, efficiency, and seamless collaboration among our development teams. We follow industry best practices, including code standards, automated testing, comprehensive task documentation, code reviews by senior developers, and consistent continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices.

    We adhere to strict code standards and best practices to ensure that our software development projects are built with excellence. Our experienced developers follow established coding conventions, naming conventions, and style guidelines.

    Our dedicated QA team works hand-in-hand with our developers to create comprehensive test suites that encompass unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests.

    To ensure that developers truly understand their tasks, we emphasize comprehensive task documentation. Our developers write technical tickets that provide clear and detailed instructions, including functional requirements, technical specifications, and acceptance criteria. This process ensures that developers have a deep understanding of the tasks at hand

    Our developers engage in regular code reviews facilitated by senior developers. Code reviews provide an opportunity for constructive feedback, knowledge exchange, and ensuring code quality. This practice helps us maintain high coding standards

    Through automated CI/CD pipelines, we achieve faster and more efficient software delivery. This approach allows for continuous integration of code changes, automated testing, and seamless deployment to production or staging environments.

  • Launch Roadmap

  • Early Customer Feedback

  • Iterate and Evolve

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