Empowering non-tech founders to profitably grow and scale

We use our decades of experience in the startup industry to help non-technical founders find revenue-driven paths to success for their company. Our fractional CTOs have both depth and breadth of experience, and will help you to build products that will engage and delight your customers. Their experience:

Worked in dozens of verticals, including Analytics, Gaming, XR/VR, Consumer Media, SaaS, OTT, PropTech, Marketplaces, Healthcare, and many more!

startup experience, including as founders

Built companies from $0 to $1B+

Successful exits & IPO

Our Expertise


Build Your MVP

As a non-technical founder you have a product vision, but need help bringing it to reality. Jetpack can help to build your MVP and reach revenue.


Build a Team

You have a growing product but need the team/resources to scale and hit the next phase of growth. Our CTOs + processes will get you there.


Scale Your Vision

Architecture, Product Roadmapping, Feature Prioritization, Go-to-market strategy - this is our fractional CTO’s bread and butter. Let us help you scale your vision.


Why a fractional CTO?

Our fractional CTOs have incredible depth of experience for non-technical founders to draw from, but with flexible hours that drastically reduces the cost over a full-time hire.Spend your resources on growing your company or team, not on expensive talent.

How does it work?

We want to keep this as simple as possible, so that’s why we offer simple month-to-month contracts and pricing. That way, there’s no stress and Jetpack can begin accelerating your company’s growth immediately.

Whether you’re new to the digital world or looking to improve your current offerings, we can help you create amazing digital experiences that will delight your customers, expand your business' reach, and drive real revenue.

- Steven McKnight, 


Let's Launch!